What are some alternative apps to VidMate?


I don’t really understand why you want to stop using VidMate. It is actually a really good app but I will go ahead an try my best to recommend some other apps you can check out and download. But really, Vidmate is one of the best Android downloaders out there so make sure you enjoy it.


Videoder is a very cool application that is a super easy and basic interface to use. It shows you the really popular and most trending videos. One thing that is annoying are the amount of ads on the site though. It can really get annoying trying to use the site with adverts popping up every couple of minutes. I do not ejoy this part but everything else about the app is a-Ok. Of course has all the popular video sites like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and also music sites like SoundCloud.

    Another great app is called SnapTube. Everything you download is saved into the default Android downloads folder so it is easy to find everything. Again, they also have ads which are very annoying but for $1.99 you can remove all of that. Also on offer are 2k and 4k HD download options. One unique thing I have seen with SnapTube that I have not seen on offer downloader sites is that it records your history of videos seen and also favorites so you can save to download other videos. Eitherway Snaptube keeps on rising to the top of my favorite apps out there. Really fantastic.

      This is an application that looks very similar to the YouTube Client but one that let’s you download any video from YouTube directly to your Android device. It has a download button right next to every video from which point you can do the quality settings.
      As is with the title of the app it only works with YouTube so give up on trying to use this on other websites. I don’t think that it is going to work.

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